Metamorphosis Landscape Design is honored to announce that we won 3 industry awards from the Long Island Pool and Spa Association in 2016.

Stand Alone Water Feature won GOLD
Water Feature with Pool won GOLD
Custom Spa won Silver


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Long Island Pool and Spa Association Gold Award 2015 – Gunite Freeform: Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island

This project is featured in the June 2016 edition of House Magazine – Long Island’s premier luxury lifestyle magazine.

Long Island Pool and Spa Association Gold Award 2015 - Gunite Freeform: Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island

A Property Reborn
Nissequoque, New York

a Property Reborn - Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island

A Property Reborn – Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island

Long Island Nursery and Landscape Association

Metamorphosis Landscape Design – 2014-2015 LINLA Silver Medal Award Winner – Category: Active Use Area Greater Than $100,00

A Property Reborn
Nissequoque, New York

It is easy to fall in love with natural wooded surroundings found in the hills of Nissequogue. Dense woods provide the privacy and seclusion offered by the large properties. Over time some of these residences find themselves in need of transformation. An update into modern living. One such property was facing that very challenge. The need for change was evident for both the house itself and its surroundings. The original profile for the design team was a simple pool area renovation. What occurred soon thereafter was a complete property transformation.

The design team’s original task was simple. Create a new usable pool area. New pool installation of a large lagoon style was already being planned. The request was to open up the space and connect the living / dining areas with the pool area. Needs included a large outdoor space for entertaining, lounging areas, casual living areas, and open lawn space for games. The idea of a future pool cabana was also suggested. Color and texture were important due to the lack of character existing on the property before. Several challenges lay ahead to what appeared to be a straight forward project. The existing pool area was surrounded by an existing estate style fence. A large mass of old concrete was encasing the pool. The new pool was designed to remain in that general area, but the removal of the existing pool created problems for the installation of the new pool due to the integrity of soils after excavation. Pilings were used to support the pool walls on the new build. Drainage of the new open space was a critical factor in the design. Providing proper run off areas such as lawns and sub-surface drainage elements is necessary in the design of such a large project. The planning and development is critical to the success of such an undertaking. Working closely with local zoning and permitting boards, several meetings were required before receiving approval on final layout.

The area was re-imagined to have flowing lines and open spaces. Areas of interest including a raised spa area and fireplace were introduced. Spaces once claimed by wood lines were opened up into lawn areas. Plantings of texture and color were to be introduced to add interest to the bland wooded edges. Once the planning was done, work could begin. During that time the homeowner began an aggressive remodeling of the home’s exterior. This also included the building of a new garage and the new proposed pool cabana.

Choices of paving stones with red hues and natural style cultured stones were chosen. A large outdoor kitchen was created for group entertaining. A casual fireplace area was built off of the main interior living space. The raised spa area provides interest with sheer descents and spa spillover. The pool cabana area complete with outdoor shower and entertaining patio is a perfect accent to the large flowing space and provides a great perspective when looking back toward the newly renovated home. Many elements of design were introduced to this space. But most impressive has to be the way the space comes to life in the evening. The use of lighting in both functional and accent settings is truly amazing.

What was once a bland and washed out site, is now vibrant in both colors and textures. Previously segmented spaces are now open and flowing. Edges are bordered with planting which will provide color throughout the seasons. Bland concrete has been replaced with colorful pavers and accent bands. The extensive renovation to the home has brought it all together. Truly making this A Property Reborn.

Long Island Nursery and Landscape Association

Metamorphosis Landscape Design – 2014-2015 LINLA Gold Medal Award Winner – Category: Single Family Residence Less Than Half an Acre

Modern Classic
Huntington, New York

In the classic village of Huntington many historical homes can be found. Families that have been in the community have done so for years, even generations. One such home can be found on Dewey Street. With the purchase of the corner lot next to the home of her mother, the next generation of residents was secure. The home needed extensive renovations, to the point of an almost complete re-build. Due to the tight dimensions of the lot, building up the space needed for this active family was going to take up all the space that was allowed. This extensive renovation would however provide the new homeowners with the opportunity to update the neighborhood in a classic style with a modern approach.

The design elements to be included was a fairly simple list. Clean simple lines with classic materials were requested. The front yard was to be clean in design, classic plant materials and hedging typical to the surroundings. Seasonal color where it was opportune but nothing messy and out of control. The detail given to the house in both exterior and interior design speaks for itself. Classic architectural elements were used including copper gutters and extensive trim work. Our job was to compliment, if even to yield to the house itself. The rear yard had two simple requests, a swimming pool and privacy. Due to the small lot availability it would be difficult to provide extensive play areas for the children, but with family living next door a play area could be provided there.

Keeping in tradition with homes in the area, all hardscape areas used pavers which resemble natural stones. This allowed for soft, natural colors to be used. Banding and misdirection with in the fields of pavers provide interest. The driveway, front and side walkways, and rear patio all were finished in paver. Entry piers at both the front and side of the home mark entry from the sidewalk. Due to the side street being a main source of parking, it appears as though the residence has two entry points. Cultured stone that matches the chimney was used to keep consistency. The front and side of the property was planted with traditional boxwood, azalea, rhododendron, and blue spruce. Accented with a simple perennial palette, the planting fits to the small scale of the front yard. An estate fence establishes property boundaries in classic fashion.

In the design process it was determined that the rear of the property would need to be raised due to slope. A segmental block wall along the rear and side of the property was built to support the new pool area. This wall also helped to provide a planting area where large evergreens could be placed to provide screening from the side street and the neighboring home behind them. This created the opportunity of a focal point. A cultured stone accent wall was created. Finished in the same stone as the piers and chimney, sheer descents were added as both an audio and visual element. But to bring it to the next level, fire bowls were installed to create a dramatic evening display. A casual seating area next to the pool and an area for sun loungers were both provided using large, Aberdeen style paver slabs. The simple lines of the rectangular pool allowed for maximizing the usable space. A retractable cover adds extra piece of mind when it comes to safety and maintenance. The outdoor dining area is a fantastic experience with the addition of an outdoor fireplace. Located in a porch like setting attached to the house, this space is the perfect setting to enjoy a meal by the fire, all the while overlooking the spectacular elements of fire and water.

The simplicity of the designs as viewed from the front of the house keeps in the tradition of the neighborhood. The paving stones are a modern alternative to natural stone without losing the character desired. The overall concept was achieved using modern elements in a classic fashion, making this newly renovated home a Modern Classic.